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I’m looking to start a deep-dive into Arista Networks, and started reading the 2017 10K. I quickly got bogged down in the copious Cisco legal cases, as well as the case by David Cheriton/OptumSoft.

These cases put a big shadow over Arista as far as I can tell, almost to the point where it seems to be a coin-toss as to the outcome. Has anyone got any perspective as to the likelihood of these legal cases being problematic?

As far as I can tell, Cisco have to get lucky with one of the cases to have a material impact on Arista.

The only thought I have is that software is relatively easy to change. However, spurious legal cases consume time and money.



This post from last night seemed to get buried.

It included this link to a recent .pdf from Arista that discusses their legal battles with Cisco. Sounds like those battles are close to being fully in the rearview mirror, per my reading.…


Thanks Volfan, just found it in the helpful “Legal proceedings” tab of the Arista site.Never seen one of those before :slight_smile:

Am reading the Cisco blogs, but mention of the Arista legal cases stops July 2017.


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If you are an SA subscriber, Tom recently had this to say about ANET……

[not related to ANET’s litigation per se, but its outcome impact may be inferred by his outlook]



Cisco blogs, but mention of the Arista legal cases stops July 2017

…and note the corresponding rise in the ANET price after July 17. There were still some patent issues to resolve, these are worked-around design issues and/or manufacturing parts in USA vs. offshore.

As someone states above - these are in the rearview mirror for the market - and market perception is what matters.

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