help with soft meals

The hubster isn’t enjoying chewing meat or non-soft veggies these days so I have to change the way I cook. He wouldn’t even eat a cut-up burger the other day. He still loves fish & mushy veg (no snap peas, snow peas, Brussels sprouts, asparagus…). Non-ground chicken’s OK if it’s quite soft and cut small (nothing crispy). He won’t drink smoothies or eat much soup any more.

Any recipe ideas? I already make crustless quiches and scrambled/poached/fried eggs, which he loves. I’ve been giving him frozen entrees, most of which he likes. I found casserole recipes online made w/ground chicken, but I’d be happy to hear about anything you make. I’m tempted to fix tuna casserole–something I haven’t made for decades :wink: He still likes pasta w/sausage sauce, jambalaya, and some curries. Not fond of stir fries any more :frowning: I could make vegetable soups with little liquid (veggie stews). Any ideas?

Egg salad, which can be amplified with good seasonings. Add chopped tomatoes perhaps. Tuna salad, which you can also add tasty things to. Pureed spinach with rice, cream, parmesan cheese, basil pesto and baked. Guacamole. Elizabeth’s Ancient Grains oatmeal, which I make with full-fat pastured milk instead of water (and sometimes half coconut milk, half regular milk), and when it’s done I add 3-4T ground hemp for great protein and added flavor. Mac and cheese.

If I think of anything else, I’ll note it.


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Thx, Sheila.

Tonight I fixed pan-fried salmon and cooked-soft summer squash. This is probably his current favorite meal. Fish works better for him than poultry or red meat. Very soft, obviously. (I eat the crispy skin from his portion as well as mine :wink: I’ll give him the leftover salmon for lunch tomorrow. For dinner tomorrow, chicken piccata. So far he still likes that form of chicken–maybe it’s the wine :wink:

I gave him cauliflower rice & cheddar sauce for lunch today. And applesauce.

The spinach dish sounds delicious! I’ll try it soon.

I found a recipe online for a casserole of ground chicken, apple, butternut squash, cream of chicken soup, and cheddar. I’m not used to cooking with Campbell’s soup–or ground chicken(!), but I think I’ll give this a try.

I’ve just discovered a vegan “chicken” used at a local vegan Mexican place in my neighborhood—recommended by our daughter—and we had their “chicken” burrito." It was delicious, and soft. And made with Dare chicken. I looked them up, and they sell all over the place. It’s made from soy, and it’s very tasty and nice and soft. Perhaps that’s something to look into.


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I like chicken and dumplings. The sauce can be as soupy or as thick as you (or he) would like. Think of it as chicken pot pie without the crust. Dumplings made from Bisquick are quick and easy - make up the biscuit recipe on the box with a little extra liquid (or a little short on the Bisquick). Drop teaspoons of the batter in the hot chicken and sauce, and they cook up nicely - and usually pretty soft.

Or cook noodles in the chicken and sauce instead of dumplings. Easier prep - just drop the uncooked noodles in the pot to cook them.


PS - I’m very glad to hear from you. Too much silence from you makes me nervous.


I like chicken and dumplings.

Gnocchi can be used instead of dumplings.

You can also make gnocchi with spinach puree. My pasta shop makes a spinach puree for their spinach torta (which I described in my first note) and their spinach lasagna. I’m good friends with the owner, and when he has a small amount of the puree (which has a bit of rice in it, I think—I’ll find out) left over he gives it to me and I add cassava or chickpea flour to it, about 4 oz to 16 oz of puree. Blend really well, then form balls and drop into boiling water. Remove when they float to the top—a minute or 2. I melt some butter on them. They keep really well, and are delicious. Soft but still with texture.


Sounds good!

I tried making my own gnocchi a couple months ago. Let’s just say I need more practice.

But I might give some store bought gnocchi a try next time I make the chicken and something.