Hero of Ukraine

{At some point Russia will have to ask itself if the potential gains are worth the current costs.}

Boy, 15, is hailed a ‘hero of Ukraine’ after using his toy drone to pinpoint an advancing Russian convoy… which was then wiped out by Kyiv’s military

A territorial defence unit contacted drone pilot Andrii Pokrasa early in the war

They knew the teenager was a highly skilled drone operator living near Kyiv

He used his mini drone to locate a Russian convoy headed for the capital

The Ukrainian army destroyed the convoy near Berezivka, 23 miles from Kyiv

Pokrasa was hailed as a hero by the territorial defence unit’s commander and given a high-end drone which he used to help destroy many more of Putin’s tanks

Pokrasa duly took his drone into a nearby field under cover of darkness and successfully obtained photos and GPS co-ordinates of the oncoming convoy, which his father forwarded onto Ukrainian military via social media.

Minutes later, Ukrainian artillery rained down on the highway near Berezivka and obliterated the convoy roughly 23 miles away from Kyiv city centre.

The approach was so successful that the military handed the teenager the controls of a high-grade drone with a longer range and went on to destroy several Russian tank units and armoured vehicles as a result.

Ukraine’s deployment of drones has been an integral part of their success in repelling Putin’s forces from around its capital, and continues to be a highly-effective approach to fighting the invaders in the eastern Donbas region.