Ukrainian troops blew up bridges leading to Kyiv

Ukrainian troops are engaged in fierce fighting with Putin’s tanks 20 MILES outside of Kyiv and blow up three bridges to halt their advance after Russian jet was shot down over capital:

Zelensky rages at Biden for leaving the country ‘alone’

Kyiv came under intense bombardment at around 4am local time on Friday, with the sky ablaze

Ukraine’s government said that one missile was intercepted by the city’s defense systems, but another hit a residential building

A Russian SU-27 jet was shot down over the capital by a surface-to-air missile, a source told CNN

Ukrainian troops blew up bridges leading to Kyiv and Kharkiv to slow the Russian advance

US security officials fear Kyiv will fall in 96 hours and the government will be toppled within a week

Russian forces have sized control of Chernobyl, with video revealing tanks parked in front of the reactor

Came after ‘fierce’ battle with condition of nuclear waste storage facilities ‘unknown’, Ukraine said

Meanwhile NATO-member Turkey said one of its ships was hit by a ‘bomb’ near Odessa - underlining fears that the alliance could easily get sucked into the conflict and spark all-out war in Europe

Citizens in Kyiv have been rushed to shelters, after the government warned Russia will soon bomb the city…