Hertz rental cars for sale

I thought this was a funny comment

What kind of person buys a rental car? Like marrying a hooker.

The Captain


Good analogy. There are some retail rental car sales lots around metro Detroit. A lot of them go to auction. When you buy a used car, you don’t know you are getting a former rental unless you look at the Carfax.



Cute and clever. Of course, it often depends on mileage and condition as to whether the investment “works.”



I thought it was routine for rental car agencies to sell their fleet when they go out of warranty. They routinely sell many cars every year and buy new.

When buying a rental you know the car was well maintained. Got oil changes and filters etc. Of course some are badly driven and even damaged. Caveat emptor.

Covid had a major impact on rentals. Fleets were sold to keep the lights on. The usual system was disrupted. That made for car shortages. They are probably still recovering.

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