Hey Everyone! Still Around...

Hey everyone, my time as a Ticker Guide and Home Fool for The Motley Fool has come to an end. It’s bitter sweet because I’ve loved every second of it and learned so much from The Fool.

I’ll still be around and working on some exciting new things.

One benefit on this board is that I’ll be able to talk about stocks any time I want. As a contractor/freelancer we had some restrictions based on buying/selling which made it tough to talk about certain companies sometimes.

So you should be seeing me around more!


Hard to decide whether to say “Congratulations” or “Sorry to hear that!”.

In my case, I left the position of “contributor” on the Supernova Phoenix portfolio because there were even more onerous restrictions. I couldn’t buy or sell ANY security without pre-approval because there was a desire to avoid a TMFer transaction near the time any of the Fool services was planning… or even thinking about… a recommendation on a stock. Completely p*ssed me off when one transaction of mine dragged on hold for a long time until I dug into it and found out one of the services “forgot” they had a hold on the Company.

In my last year with them, I was doing a lot of options (buying and selling) and I figured the delays cost me $100k. When I put my Fool compensation on the other side of that balance… ummm… it didn’t balance very well.

So, I completely understand. Best of luck to you!

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