Hey Saul

Hey Saul,

Thanks for providing and hosting such a great board. I’m new here and have (I kid you not) spent the past two to three weeks devouring your board from the beginning. I’ve learned a lot about investing in smaller stocks, something that is still outside of my comfort zone. I typically go for dividends and larger companies. And by typically, I mean what I’ve done this past year as I’m new to investing.

I’m in my mid-to-late thirties, a police officer in South Florida, and have four kids. Until this year, my wife stayed home with the kids and home-schooled. This year she went back to teaching at a private school where our kids now attend. So now that she’s working again we have more income and have made a commitment to maxing out our Roth IRAs every year going forward. This is what led me to Motley Fool and to your board. Anyways, I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate the time you and everyone else here give to help me better understand investing. Thanks!

  • Matt


Welcome to the board … feel free to share your thoughts on the stocks we discuss.


Thanks Anirban! Some of your stock breakdowns have been amazing!

  • Matt

Thank you for your service, Matt!

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Hey Saul, Thanks for providing and hosting such a great board.

Thanks Matt, glad you are learning and profiting from it.