Hi Saul

Hi Saul, Pardon my sudden appearance here. I have not followed the posts on this board and have in all likelihood missed some good stuff by not doing so.

I first made your acquaintance back in the days of I think it might have been CRX ? which became Catamaran.

Have always liked what you have to say.

I am putting together a short list, a handful of companies that might be good to own on top of what I already have.
I am in my seventies now and like you I think, all of my retirement savings are invested in stocks.I am committed to this strategy and am currently helping our daughter to start her own small business while continuing to provide for my wife and I. Also, of course, when I am gone I intend to leave something for them both.

Could you perhaps recommend a few that you like that you think might be good for perhaps the next one to five yrs. If you are not comfortable with this request, I perfectly understand. The MF recs are where I get all of my investing choices. There are probably a few of them that you currently like that I may or may not have paid attention to.



Allow me to stick my oar in the water. If you look to the vertical banner on the right side and click on “more information”, you will see a heading, Saul’s monthly “End of Month Summary”. Contains current holdings and recent changes.



Good safe bet for the next 5 years?


Hi Frank, Welcome to the board. Several things I’d strongly recommend in following the board and in answering your question.

First, and most important, would be to read the Knowledgebase, which really tells you what the board is about and is crammed full of information and ideas.

Second, and only then, you could take a look at my last two monthly portfolio summaries. All of these are on the right hand side panel of this and every individual post on the board.

Third, David H has also compiled a list of the Motley Fool Posts of the Day which have come from our board (our board gets almost 30% of all of them). You might get some ideas there.

Fourth, you might look at some of the most recommended posts from the board.



For Knowledgebase for this board
please go to Post #15056.

A link to the Knowledgebase is also at the top of the Announcements column
on the right side of every page on this board


Thank you Saul, Oforfive and dovegood.


I will be paying more attention now, to what I can learn from these boards.

Still reading and liking what I have read. The thing that stands out to me about this investing strategy is the idea of having a shorter hold horizon.

At my current age, I simply cannot think beyond 5 yrs, though if I get there, I can be thankful I made it and maybe will keep on investing.

But meanwhile I am going to change expectations, hopes, that the stocks I choose to own will give returns over a 1 to 3 yr period.
Forget 5 to 10 yrs. I cannot wait that long. And I am probably going to get buying ideas from this board

You have been doing very good work here Saul and I wish I had paid attention sooner.


And thanks to all who contribute on this board