Hi there!

Hope everyone is weathering the biotech storm ok! Its rough out here!

Been awhile since I posted. Have come across a couple of interesting things in the meantime:

Penumbra: maker of interventional radiology things, primarily clot retrieval stuff for stroke. I’m keeping an eye on its virtual reality stuff for physical therapy / stroke rehab.

Orthopediatrics: basically Stryker but for kids.

IRADIMED. small company that makes MRI-compatible things like IV pumps and patient monitors. 8 consecutive quarters of growth (8% compounded growth quarterly!), last 3 of which were their best ever. allegedly with a large backlog, but don’t reference how much on the most recent call or in Q1 slide deck. Small boring growth from a founder-led company, kinda like Lemaitre/LMAT in that sense.

10x Genomics I still love, and compare to Illumina in the early days of gene sequencing; but for spatial biology.

watching transmedics. don’t quite know what to make of them long-term.

Monkeypox: there’s bavarian nordic (vaccination) and SIGA (treatment). my ER colleagues are posting about it from a variety of locations, so suspect it’s more widespread than numbers are reported. I have an article cooking on this, but I think the way to go might be bavarian nordic; I struggle to see us keeping a lid on monkeypox, so I think its possible vaccines will eventually come back with some regularity–> we’re likely here today because we stopped vaccinating for smallpox years ago.

I own 10x and orthopediatrics.