Quick hits

Hi folks!

Just a few ideas to kick the tires on.

Consistent performers.
Penumbra. Big picture here: vascular interventions and the accompanying physical therapy needed. Their augmented reality PT platform is something I’ve got my eye on.

Orthopediatrics. Ortho surgery solutions for kids.

Somewhere in-between.
Novocure. Also a one trick pony, but hard to argue with their data thusfar. I’d be surprised if NSCLC didn’t wfall in their lap.

10x genomics. I truly believe this is the next illumina. Single cell spatial biology is the next frontier, and it’s really 10x and no one else. Also with a recent FUD event given they have international sales.

Legend biotech. Amazing data for CART. But I’m always concerned about non-US companies. Not sure how this plays out.

Higher risk.
Outset Medical. Dialysis at home, and an easier solution for home usage. Recently slugged by the market, but might be a time to use FUD to your advantage.

Shockwave. I said maybe 10 years ago intravascular Sono would be a thing for csth labs. The time is now. As essentially a one trick pony, I’m slightly concerned about the optionality, but it’s got a huge market cap.

Guardant health. I’m not sure how solid the companion diagnostics market will be. Also not sure how the showdown with GRAIL goes. But GH does have the companion diagnostic test for enhertu. I’m still watching it, but can’t help but think this market could be a race to the bottom. Natera could be an interesting FUD play too.

transmedics. I want to root for this transplant play. IIRC, Uncle Sam decided that it wanted to try and increase the number of transplants, in part because the alternatives were more expensive to the system. Another way to play the transplant market is CareDx, but they reported soft earnings recently too.

Anyway. Enjoy! Would love to hear thoughts from the board…

I’m plump with biotech now, but wouldn’t mind holding any of the above right now.