High profile names

Epstein had a lot of friends high up in financial circles. I imagine a few of them are worried as they seem to be rather concerned about their names being disclosed:

Unfortunately the names are already public and can be seen on Scribd!

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Jimmy Kimmel has threatened Aaron Rogers for suggesting that Kimmel’s name is on the list:

It will be interesting, I guess.


Anything for publicity.


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The second tier players will be exposed, the top players will be spared.

Follow the money.

The Captain

While I pay no attention to either of those clowns, I wound up reading an article when the feud started trending. Kimmel can sue, but there was/is no libel. Rodgers said Kimmel will be disappointed when the list is exposed, possibly insinuating his name is on it but also the possibility that Kimmel’s “heroes” are on the list. A big “meh”.

Aaron Roger’s vaccine card:

The top players have already been exposed. The delay has been because some of the victims don’t want their names released.