History Will Repeat Itself

Geezers like myself remember the 1980’s. Japanese vehicle were much better than US made cars. And thus there was a large flood of imported vehicles flowing into the USA.

The president at that time began negotiations with Japan. Japan agreed to limit the number of vehicles imported to the USA. To continue the Japanese vehicle penetration into the US market space; Japan built factories within the USA. Korean and German automakers followed suit later. And maybe others, I do not know.

Now China has surged its exports of EV. The US has instituted a big tariff and the EU may also impose one raising it from the current 10%.

BYD will build a new EV factory in Hungary. It’s first European factory. BYD is in negotiations with Indonesia to build a factory there. And it and other China EV makers Plan to build factories in Mexico. And BYD has an EV battery plant in California.
Other China batteries manufacturers are planning to expand the number of factories in the EU.

China’s effort to expand financing channels in Europe accords with the EUs EV plans, as the continent aims to meet domestic battery demand solely from EU producers by 2025, and to eliminate gasoline and diesel cars by 2035.
As of September 2022, one in 20 new EVs sold in Western Europe is produced by Chinese manufacturers, a fivefold increase from just two years ago. An estimated 80,000-90,000 Chinese EVs are expected to hit the road in Western Europe in 2022, according to Schmidt Automotive, a Berlin-based consultancy.
Chinese battery companies are also stepping up to build more factories in Europe. So far in 2022, there are at least eight Chinese battery cell projects under construction

I assume some China EV makers will build factories with the US eventually. They are going after the low hanging fruit elsewhere first.
The delay of China EV competition is merely delayed within the US.


If you can remember the 80’s you are not yet a Geezer. Let me know when you have trouble remembering what day of the week it is. There are still only 7, right?



The other day I saw a phone booth for the first time in a museum. I felt oldish.



I watched a movie the other night where they had to rotary dial a phone. Funny, we still call it “dial” even when using touch tones, or even when using Siri to make a call. I remembered seeing a film (don’t remember which) where they had to talk to an operator, and the number was only 5 digits total. Yeah, that was before my time, I date back to “A word, + 5 digits” (EMpire 5-5000.)

It has been around 40 years (?) but the Japanese automakers are firmly ensconced in the US with plants in Tennessee, South Carolina and elsewhere.

The new dodge will be locating in Mexico, just across the border, and importing into the US because of the trade pact which allows that to happen. Expect to see a lot of that going on, at least until the Congress puts a stop to it, meanwhile I expect the northern-most border of Mexico to start to look like a US state (give it 40 years), complete with factories, housing, and fast food joints along all the major roads.

If there is a way to stop the migration influx, this isn’t it, because as jobs appear there it will attract even more of the disposed from Central America to the north, and if they can’t get work there they will continue the journey farther northward into the US.


My dad’s last hotel had a

switch board

The Captain


20+ years ago I had an elder friend who was a music teacher who had recitals with a dozen or so students every so often. I was helping her with some PC software her (then deceased) husband had setup. She had a reproduction of a rotary phone…you operated it as a rotary but it converted it to touch tones.
Many times I saw young kids try to make a call just by putting their finger into one of the rotary holes and pushing thinking it would do something, not knowing they had to rotate the dial.
They were usually amazed when I showed them how to rotate the dial.


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“ Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.”

Will Rogers