HoHumYNWA Shipping Mar 2023

I usually wait till the end of the month to start the thread. Shaking things up a little, I decided to start March 2023 a little earlier. As mentioned elsewhere, I was paying attention to conventional tankers as the year started. There was the humorous event of lowering my NAT cost basis. But then opportunities showed up with nibbles on pull-backs - INSW, then TRMD. That was January. March was about FRO. There was a FRO nibble, then another FRO nibble, then a third nibble. And more nibbles. Also added to TRMD.

GNK - too early for the Jan trim. But, that was interrupted by family stuff. March 2023 - just a bad vibe. Exited GNK.

FRO didn’t do much in March…doc

I bought NAT this month and didn’t move much either…doc

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@physician - FRO might not have done much on the charts in Mar 2023. However, the company did announce their Q4 2022 results. The details and what the company had reported for coverage to-date for Q1 gives me optimism. Though taking it one Q at a time, I think Q2 should also be decent.

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@physician - NAT looks ok. I have to go dig up the data, but NAT does have a damper. The company fixed or forward-fixed a bunch of vessels. As I recall, it is a pair of their newer vessels (at least 2). The dig-up part is figuring out if there are more than 2. Will wait for $3.50 - $3.75 for another dip.

NAT’s Q4 report had the data – 4 vessels on TC

03/31 is done.
Major ZIM bloodletting is complete. Closed out ZIM in Roth ac & trimmed some in the taxable ac.

Shipping basket

  1. FLNG 22.20%
  2. FRO 16.79% (yup, from Nada)
  3. SBLK 16.17%
  4. ZIM 12.55%
  5. NMM 11.13%
  6. GOGL 6.71%
  7. TRMD 5.03%
  8. TNP-E
  9. INSW
  10. GSL
  11. BDRY

Shipping port has shifted from strong dry bulk shipping influence to a strong tanker influence. Still liking the tanker niche more than the others e.g. TRMD’s pull back (2 days ago). I actually put in a bid right before shares rebounded a little.

SE popping up on the ZACKS radar with a strong buy (#1) rating due to earnings last quarter and projected earnings for the next 4 quarters. Its an ADR…doc


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I presume you mean SE as competitor to CPNG?
Sea Ltd (SE) is not involved with ocean vessels. Their “shipping” would be internet/online deliveries :slight_smile:

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Tanker beat-down, back in NAT. At the lower end of my range too