Home Schooling Revolution

Interesting story in WaPo on a new trend in home schooling. Parents are forming pods of 5 or 6 families to handle the work. One parent may do a day of English instruction, another Math. This obviously works better in upscale neighborhoods with educated professionals who have the knowledge base to cover all the core subjects. In a poor neighborhood, you may be hard pressed to find anyone who can teach you Physics.



Lets scale that up a bit, to bring in more parents with specialized knowledge. Maybe expand to 15 or 20. Still no-one that can teach physics? Pool their money to bring in a freelance physics teacher? Sounds expensive. Better expand the group to 50 families…and presto, it starts to look like a “school”, not a home.

Of course, if the parents are “right thinking”, then everything their spawn needs to know is in the Bible, right?



Then why do the kids need to learn to read, write, and do math?

Somewhere along the line, I read that the Catholic church got so heavily into statues, paintings, and stained glass windows, in spite of an edict against worshiping images, because the mob was illiterate, so they used the pictures to tell stories. Protestants, benefiting from about 1000 years of social development, after the formation of the Catholic church, taught their spawn to read, so they could read the Bible. The Baptist lodge that tried to “save” me, was completely devoid of images inside.