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A heavy duty review that sort of answers a couple of my questions. That is, how come I’m symptom free with pretty advanced CAD…and how to capitalize on what I might’ve inherited along with my FH.

I have my (now) 6 monthly follow up bloodwork scheduled in a couple of week’s time. My strong advice for anyone with the merest whiff of elevated risk of metabolic syndrome (genetic gift or lifestyle choice) contemplate something similar if “it’s been a while”.

Wondering about investment potential here too :thinking:

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What is/are CAD and FH?


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Coronary Artery Disease and Familial Hypercholesterolemia. Surely not my first mention🤣

What is Computer-Aided Design (CAD)? | Goodwin University.

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Actually, Denny…a very helpful explanation for folk who haven’t invested sufficient effort in avoiding dental caries and find themselves needing crowns and other dental devices.

Makes a big difference to quality of manufacture.

Thankfully, something I’ve only really experienced from the income generating potential and not the income drain. Something I can look back on and know what I did right…the better to keep the income draining potential really low moving forward.

Stop eating sweets. Lose weight and save teeth.

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Ideally, before the damage has begun…but certainly before it becomes irreversible.

A strategy that’s been recognised for decades (more likely centuries)

**…trying to put myself out of business since 1973, me