Horrifying and very costly news for Tesla

This is completely non political. This is about racism which is not politics. Nothing in this thread is about any politician or political movement.

Turns out Musk on Twitter is backing the creator of Dilbert. This is the most costly thing Musk could ever do to Tesla. I can see a majority of Americans swearing off Tesla products and turning onto anything else.

This thread is about racism and business. Nothing else.

separate article quote

In response to a tweet about the controversy, Twitter owner Musk said Sunday that the “media is racist.” He didn’t criticize Adams’ comments, and Musk said without evidence that for a “very long time, US media was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against whites & Asians.”

My comment Americans do not see it this way. Some do. Most definitely do not.


More than half of hiring managers whose companies have DEI initiatives in place ‘somewhat’ (29%) or ‘strongly’ (24%) believe their company practices “reverse discrimination” when it comes to hiring…

Sixteen percent of hiring managers surveyed say they have been told to deprioritize white men when evaluating candidates, and 14% have been told to deprioritize hiring white women. This is a consistent finding with past reports of “reverse discrimination”.



“Deprioritize” is not reverse discrimination no matter how uneducated the boss is.

We all get it some people object to letting anyone else have a job.

Note the source for this study is Glassdoor from the looks of it. Glassdoor has either disgruntled workers and bosses or extremely satisfied workers and bosses. There is little middle ground. The voices of the disgruntled like to talk for everyone else. Bull!

The real point being Glassdoor is not a good place to draw a sample together.


I don’t think this will affect Tesla much, if at all. More on that below. First, a while back I went on a Scott Adams kick and read a couple of his books. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t very insightful either and to me he came across as a bit off. But he kind of stayed on my radar and I paid attention when he was in the news. In recent years, he’s gotten to be more and more of crackpot. He says he’s a fan of practical jokes, so I figured some of his more outlandish stunts were just performance art. Winding up the audience to have a laugh at their expense.

There is a phenomenon called Audience Capture, where social medial influencers become addicted to likes and page views, which makes them hostage to what their audience wants, and ultimately brainwashing themselves into becoming their online persona.

I watched the Scott Adams video. There are no gray areas there. There was nothing out of context. He deliberately and thoughtfully stepped in it. I’m sure he thought it would cause a lot of controversy, which is why he did it. I’m also sure he drank enough of his own Kool-Aid that he thought his audience was somehow representative of the US and he could get away with it. It isn’t and he didn’t.

Which brings us to Elon. I believe he also is a victim of audience capture. He seems obsessed with the size of his Twitter audience and makes more and more outlandish statements as time goes on.

His Tweet of support to Scott Adams’ racist comments was controversial but really not all that bad, so he has some cover. I don’t think anything will come of this. But if Elon doesn’t quit Tweeting, sooner or later he’s going to make the same mistake Adams made of saying something undeniably dumb. Elon has been dumb adjacent for a while. Let’s see if he is smart enough to shut his yap.


When Musk took over Twitter everyone was worried about the fallout of his comments. But at that time it was not much.

This is different. This is entire statements of support involving racism. Adams has long been a Holocaust denier as well. When it is a stick in the eye you probably care. If it is one guy it inevitably is the next guy.

The American public wont put up with this. You are kidding yourself that this only “sort of matters”. You are kidding yourself that you can talk louder than those of us who wont put up with this.

adding my apologies I looked at the green icon of the poster and thought I was talking to someone more radicalized.

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Um, it’s way too late to close the barn door on that one.




La la la la la 20 characters la la

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And yet “16% of hiring managers say they have been told to deprioritize blacks when evaluating candidates” just doesn’t sound very good.



I got a shock on this one. Studying Scott Adams he will say and do anything and then undo it a moment later. He just wants extreme freedom.

But generally African Americans are not prioritized or deprioritized. African Americans are excluded. Note the difference.

DB2, why bring just African Americans into this as your point? Why not women or gays or the disabled? Is it only about African Americans v white Americans?

Well, I wasn’t writing an essay. As for blacks, the original link mentioned them. As for women, I did quote that “14% have been told to deprioritize hiring white women”.



This thread title seems like clickbait to me. I have the ability to edit the title, but I won’t.

The article posted is about Scott Dilbert but it’s now morphing into a thread about racism. What does it this have to do with Tesla profitability?

Very Costly

I see someone throwing gas on a fire here. :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

I guess some people think it’s fun to do this. Maybe watching too many news shows lately?

→ not “breaking news” to me.


Not fun, some of us are appalled quite honestly by the racism. The majority of Americans do not support such businesses. If you have been following Scott Adams lost most of his future business over his racist comments. That is why this is on racism. Musk made some incendiary comments the general public does not agree with…In fact such comments here on the fool would be seen as intolerable in all likelihood by the staff, legal team and HR. Regardless of Musk’s and Adam’s concept of expressive freedom the comments and concepts are racist and baiting.

My only point regarding Tesla sales Musk is poisoning the well for most Americans.

In response to a tweet about the controversy, Twitter owner Musk said Sunday that the “media is racist.” He didn’t criticize Adams’ comments, and Musk said without evidence that for a “very long time, US media was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against whites & Asians.”

“Same thing happened with elite colleges & high schools in America,” Musk wrote. “Maybe they can try not being racist.”

Elon Musk tweets support for 'Dilbert' creator after racist tirade | CNN Business.

Well, it started with “This is about racism…”, so there is that. As for affecting Tesla profitability, that is speculation for now.


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That does not mean you kick a hornets’ nest.

The real question is will this be marginal or more in lost sales. This time Musk is risking a lot with no win comments.

Let’s just edit the title to state “This is about racism” so that folks who don’t want to be bothered with click bait can just move on? It’s hardly about Tesla.

Throwing gas on a fire :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:



That is only your view that is click bait. You do not want to hear about it.

More than marginally Tesla will pay a price.

There is no fire in this thread. We have dozens of threads on how great Tesla is. We can live with one heck of a thread on how bad Musk is. We do not need to endlessly cheerlead. That is not smart investing.

Besides you drive a musty Packard. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have to grant the IRA subsidies for buying EV and the new possibly much lower cost Tesla that might come out later this year could make this a non event on Tesla’s books.

I think you nailed it.

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