Housing Downturn

U.S. Metros Most and Least Susceptible to a Housing Downturn in the Next Recession
Good analysis of housing markets ranked by highest to lowest in the current housing downturn.


Riverside CA and Bosie ID come in at the top as most vulnerable, Akron OH and Philadelphia PA come in as the most solid to remain little changed. Boston MA is also a stable market.

The Methodology
The highest possible score is 100 and the lowest possible score is 0. The indicators are as follows: home price volatility, average debt-to-income ratio, average home-loan-to-value ratio, labor market shock, percent of homes flipped, how much the housing market is “cooling” compared with other metros, year-over-year change in domestic migration, share of homes in the metro that are second homes, year-over-year price growth and elasticity of supply