How anti-capitalist of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Ltd. will pay staff a bonus of around eight months’ salary after posting a record annual profit.
Eligible staff will be paid a profit-sharing bonus equivalent to 6.65 months’ pay, and a maximum of 1.5 months’ salary of ex-gratia bonus in recognition of their hard work and sacrifices during the pandemic, a spokesperson for the airline said. Senior management won’t receive that additional ex-gratia bonus.
“The bonus for Singapore Airlines’ employees is based on a long-standing annual profit-sharing bonus formula that has been agreed with our staff unions,” the spokesperson said.


Yeah. They are a bunch of Commies!

I did a post, probably around June of 2020, “from hero to zero”, about “JCs” who had started paying hazard pay to the grocery store and pharmacy employees who worked through the worst of the plague, in April, but cut it off and pocketed the money themselves only a couple months later, when it was still very dangerous to work around the public.


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