How are your online purchases going?

Just curious how your online purchases are going. Mine from Amazon are getting quite slow (compared to a few years ago) and somewhat unpredictable.

Never got anything in one-day as advertised a few years back, but back then did get things in two days when ordered on a Mon thru Wed, otherwise it was 4-5 days.

Now averages one week and have four purchases never arrive this year, although three of them showed delivered. My neighbor has had similar delivery problems.

As we get closer to Christmas, I would be afraid to order anything from Amazon.

Your experiences?


Just got a small batch of things a few days ago. No difference from situation normal. I suspect as we get closer to Christmas it will slow down a bit but that’s not unusual.

I get mine in one day and delivered directly into the garage. Don;t have to worry about porch pirates anymore.

Not that I had a problem

SThe speed of delivery has improved here, of course I should mention that Amazon has just opened a distribution center about 15 miles up the road. Still, not every warehouse has everything, so some things still take 3-4 days to get here, while others are usually here within 2, occasionally within 1 day.

You will surely slow down your delivery speed if you order multiple things at one time; they try to include them in one shipment where possible to cut down on cardboard and delivery costs, but the warehouse that might have all your wants might be halfway across the country, Still, unless I need something pronto, I’m content to let them do that.

We had a travesty a few weeks back, a half dozen of us in the neighborhood were expecting deliveries on the same day - and we all had them marked as “delivered” and none of them were. Turns out there was a new UPS driver who apparently just dropped things off wherever he felt like; we got them all sorted out in our neighborhood Facebook group but it was odd that he missed so many deliveries all at once.

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Amazon, I see them three times a week. My wife is an Amazon prime member. We live up the mountain (Big Bear Lake) from the city, about one hour. They are very good on what they deliver. It takes them about two days, sometimes more, sometimes less. I would not have a problem ordering something one week prior to Christmas. They haven’t bundled for us. When my wife orders 3 to 4 thing they ship 2 to 3 times. Overall I think that Amazon does a good job, this goes for Costco also. The most important part is that it keeps my wife happy!

We celebrate Christmas every other year at Thanksgiving with our Children and their families. For us all the packages arrived early and in a timely fashion. Our children did the same thing we did and shopped early. 99% of their orders arrived on time as well…doc

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I have Prime, but I only order a couple of times a month. When I do I choose among the offered delivery dates based on when I need it. Usually I pick Tuesday of the next week, and I often get a small credit toward Kindle ebooks for that.


Wow, all of your experiences are much different than here. Several years ago, I could see most of my Amazon purchases leave New Hebron, KY then arrive in Lenexa, KS, then an Amazon truck first to FEDEX in Fort Smith, AR, but later directly to USPS in my smaller hometown.

Now I can’t tell where things are in the Amazon system.

In late 2020, Amazon opened a logistic center in Tulsa, OK reducing the 5 hour delivery from Lenexa, KS to only two hours. Yet, everything in the Amazon system is coming slower.