How long before China bans emigration and encourages immigration?
From the NYT article at the link.

The world’s most populous country has reached a pivotal moment: China’s population has begun to shrink, after a steady, yearslong decline in its birthrate that experts say will be irreversible.

The government said on Tuesday that 9.56 million people were born in China last year, while 10.41 million people died. It was the first time deaths had outnumbered births in China since the Great Leap Forward, Mao Zedong’s failed economic experiment that led to widespread famine and death in the 1960s.

Chinese officials have tried for years to slow down the arrival of this moment, loosening a one-child policy and offering incentives to encourage families to have children. None of those policies worked. Now, facing a population decline, coupled with a long-running rise in life expectancy, the country is being thrust into a demographic crisis that will have consequences not just for China and its economy but for the world.

The last half of the article discusses the impact of COVID on China’s population decline.


China’s goose is cooked. They should have stopped the one child policy at least a decade ago, probably two decades ago. Now they are on the wrong side of the exponent and there is nothing they can do about–except maybe immigration. Maybe. Otherwise it is just a matter of time until the wheels come off.


This may be very purposeful.

There are several other reasons China’s economy is next to worthless.

Fewer people means fewer water demands. That foremost is China’s problem.