How much did your portfolio fall today?

big down today in the markets…

I went down 2.9%. How much did your portfolio fall today?

for the concentrated portfolios discussed here, I suspect it could be much more than 3%. How do you react in those circumstances? do you do anything or stay put?

this may be the first day of a pull back or would some news will bring it back to its previously upward trajectory? which path do you think the market will take?



I dropped a mere 2.3%, but only a third of my portfolio is managed “Saul-style.”

3.12% drop for me.

Approx. 1/3 Saul stocks and I pulled out of LGIH a few weeks ago.

My holdings are listed on my profile.

A little less than 6%, but then again it is up more than 100%, so what goes up, goes down.

This is why I want to set up a portfolio where I don’t need to look much, or even care. Absent fleeing to the Philippines from the mob (hypothetically) I don’t plan on touching it for 10 years, at least.

The relevant portion of this post is the link to the Wall Street Journal article. The vast majority of all wealth created in the stock market was created by just a tiny handful of stocks. I specify in the link why this analysis is flawed (thus LTBH should always be LTBH(S)ell - there is a time to sell at some point), but the lesson is that it only these best businesses that create the long-term wealth most of us are looking for.

So how do I feel, more pissed at Washington for creating this mess over political bickering instead of doing what the voters put them there for, to enact policies that make our lives better (albeit, we disagree on that, but at present, it is the Republican version of things that is not getting done), and get out of our lives.

But when we fall into a deep recession, then I shall feel pretty dang crappy. Remains to be seen if this bursts the fuel of optimism that fueled the market, and this is the end, or if this too shall pass, as yet another blip on a chart that only Amazon could create! I do not know.



Down 3.5% but I’m overexposed to a couple of big drops today, NFLX, ATVI, NVDA and SHOP which I believe all fell 4% or more. I’m cool with it. Like Tinker said, I’m up big this year and some short term correction was inevitable. Hopefully, the next run up will be huuuuuge.


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Mine went down 2.0% for my concentrated portfolios. I thought my portfolios were undervalued before today’s drop and think they are even cheaper tonight.

Of the 2.0% drop about 1.33% is mine and 0.67% is the governments loss. In addition if the year ended today my RMD payment would also be comparatively lower. So the FED and the STATE are right here in the trenches with me taking about one of each 3 bullets that are being fired at me and them.

Even more important the current dividend/distribution stream remains intact and still coming 100% to me. since 92% of 2016 income received was in some way tax deferred. Also any excess tax deferred income that I want to reinvest will buy more shares/units at these lower prices further increasing the income stream.



I’m only down 2.33%. It would be nice to see a 25-30% drop!

Fool on,


All holdings are listed in my profile

Probably my largest single-day loss ever. So what? When the whole market moves down like this I really couldn’t care less. Politicians bickering is nothing new. My stocks are not magically bad investments because the nation is having a collective panic attack. This isn’t even enough yet to create interesting buying opportunities, given the recent market gains!


Down 2.86% for me. This could be the correction especially if there is uncertainty around the office of the president. Looking for some arbitrage between my positions. The timing is a bit annoying as I needed to pull cash from the marktet. Oh well - maybe from my HK port.

If one of the big boys makes it a Long way down I could be tempted - Nvidia, Amazon or Facebook. Also getting tempted by BOFI re-entry although the risk cloud is still there!


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Down just over 3%

I have no idea.

I know I have taken a big hit in AT&T.

My Saul port took a hit, but how am I going to grab HUBS cheap if the market doesn’t throw a hissy fit.

My conservative aggressive port, which now consists of googl and 90 percent cash took a hit, but I have a buy on googl at 900 and and sniffing around Apple at 130 or so.



And it wasn’t just my growth stocks. Corning, CVS, MSFT all took good-sized hits too.

But, like someone above said, not even close to providing good buying opportunities yet.

On my watch list if things start to really drop: More FB, more AMZN, more GOOGL, more PYPL, V, JNJ, HD, NVDA.

MasterCard (MA), Nestle (NSRGY), PayPal (PYPL), and Verizon (VZ) Ticker Guide
See all my holdings at


Thanks for starting the thread

So far I am staying put, but dusting off the watchlist, which primarily consists of stocks I already own.
Based on the accelerated selloff at the close, I suspect there’s more selloff to come. I welcome it.


Roth -2.43%
Worst offenders: LGIH, SHOP (both of which I added to last week), SWIR, HUBS
I raised cash over the last month and look forward to deploying it

Taxable -.96%
Somehow I ended up >40% cash in my taxable account after the last couple months of rebalancing/cleaning house. That, plus a QQQ put spread helped keep me afloat today. However, I was almost out of TV on some LULU Jun 62.5 puts, so I rolled to Sep for a tiny credit, thus a short stay of execution. That will hurt once assigned.

UTMA -1.99
My son’s AMZN position has grown to almost 50% of the portfolio. Until I can add to the other positions this will dominate returns for the foreseeable future. (As an aside, my 2 year old’s portfolio is up 32.3% to the S/P 13.6% over the same period - crushing my returns).

Oases of green:


So, for whatever caused this selloff…

  • are people not buying on AMZN for 2 day delivery?
  • will merchants stop using SHOP to optimize their platforms?
  • cancelling a NFLX account anytime soon?
  • will people move away from GOOGL to do searches?
  • does coffee bean suddenly have better tasting coffee than SBUX?
    I could go on, but you get the point

I’m down 2.6% with 0% in a Saul portfolio. I’m 100% in a bulwnkl portfolio which is mostly concentrated, but my style 40% Value/dividend and 60% growth. I was spanked across all of my investments. But I learned. Today I learned that political instability will cause people to stop buying cellphones, stop using any petroleum products, stop treating cancer, stop shopping on Amazon or Mercadolibre, close their Facebook accounts, stop purchasing automobile accessories, and stop using AI or cloud computing. We’re all DOOMED. RUN! RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!



Full disclosure: Long everything that took a major hit today.


I was down somewhere around 4.6%, with NVDA as ~25% of my portfolio, that was the dominant factor.

Mine is down 3.81 today. But I remain up 38% for the year. I’m not complaining at all.

Thanks, Saul!


I was down 3.5% in a high growth portfolio.

I get it when people say that “are merchants going to stop buying Shopify products?” and other rhetorical questions but can we just recognize that our portfolios as a whole are maybe a bit overheated at the moment? A lot of recent gains (last week it felt like I was up 1% per day) are due not to company specific growth (e.g. phones/other products being sold) but due tax reform that was expected to be passed which was priced into the market. Today there is new information and now we are less sure of a lower corporate tax rate. Tax reform and political policies do affect the market, you can’t just ignore them.




Okay, I think that this is the start of a correction, but I have no regrets about staying in because I had no way of telling when the run-up would end (and when the correction would start), and I have no way of telling whether the correction will last two days, or two weeks, or two months.

My portfolio peaked Tuesday at up 37.1% for the year. But a better way of thinking about it is that my portfolio was up 74.6% from the bottom of the last correction on Feb 11 last year (1 year and 3 months ago). Up 74.6% from the last correction gives me a lot of room for this one. In fact, both of those numbers give me a large cushion, and is why I invest in rapidly growing aggressive companies. I was down 4.15% yesterday, which put me where I was in the middle of last week. Shocking when it happens, but in the big picture, no big deal.


The S&P 500 started the year at 2239 and closed yesterday at 2357, up 5.3%
The Russell 2000 started the year at 1357 and closed yesterday at 1356, down 0.1%
The IJS Small Cap Value started the year at 140.0 and closed yesterday at 134.7, down 3.8%
The three of them averaged up a little less than 0.5%

The IJS was down 2.4% yesterday, not too different than my aggressive stocks considering that it was already down for the year before yesterday, showing that investing in value stocks that had gone nowhere all year didn’t protect it yesterday when the market sold off.

What can I deduce from all this? First, it was a great ride from Feb 11, 2016. Second, a correction probably started. Third, you can beat the market averages.

Saul, again



Surely hurts, compounded by the fact that I had a 4% cash position which I used to add to my SHOP position right at the top. Haha!

Bad timing.

If this is a correction then we’ve still got a ways to drop. But when the uptrend restarts, blink and you might miss it.

Gutted about my timing, but holding resolve. A correction presents an opportunity! I can harvest cash from the least volatile positions (so far SBUX and ROIC) and purchase opportunities.

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