so how much loss did you incur today?

just as we talk about May 17 as the blip it was, another one occurs.

How much down is your portfolio today? mine is -2%. I suspect the more concentrated portfolios of late will take a big hit.

so how do you feel now? are you selling or buying?


1.2 i have 6 positions

  • 0.25%

I have 9 stocks and none of them is a tech at the moment.

Average P/E ratio of my portfolio is 17

30% cash

Certainly not selling.

Nothing has changed with regard to the companies who’s stock we own. They are still fundamentally the same as they were yesterday.

Hang in there. This is not the end of the world



I’m 30 so i try not to sell anything aolid from my portfolio on some tiny dips.

Only things i have sold are ua after taking a 50% hit and gild after 25% hit because i reached the conclusion that it would take the companies years to recover and my money would be better off somewhere else.


so how do you feel now? are you selling or buying?

Really? Are there really people that would SELL! SELL! SELL! after a 1-day down day for the market?

Besides short term traders, I mean…


My portfolio is down more than 3 %

I considered buying some shares today, but decided to do nothing and wait until Monday.

Best to all,


*I considered buying some shares today, but decided to do nothing and wait until Monday.*

Yeah, Frank, I thought about making a few buys, too.  But then I looked at what 
I have and their relative weight in my portfolio and decided I was happy 
with it as it.  If the market continues to drop, I may make some 
adjustments. But just selling a bit of some positions to buy more in others.  
But all in all, I'm okay with things as they are.

My current holdings and their size:

SHOP 10.24%
AMZN  8.22%
AAPL  7.92%
SBUX  7.86%
FB    7.56%
NFLX  7.09%
NVDA  6.31%
ANET  5.67%
PAYC  5.23%
LGIH  5.09%
SQ    4.85%
TLND  4.61%
ATVI  4.07%
HUBS  3.83%
SPLK  2.87%
MULE  2.86%

I also have a 5.73% cash position, but I prefer to keep that 
in cash for the time being.  The current political climate gives 
me pause, and I like to keep what I might want to take out in 
the next 12 months fluid.


so how do you feel now? are you selling or buying?

Feeling good, and doing both.

Sold some TLND. It was the only thing I had that wasn’t down…I was suspicious that this was only because of its relative lack of liquidity and that maybe it will be down Monday, but I don’t really know, of course.

Bought SHOP and HUBS while they were each down around 8%. My thinking is that they were only down because all tech is down so they should be the first to bounce back and resume the steady climbing they’ve been doing all year. They were also down more than most of my others.



Since I still have 40% in ETF’s spread across the spectrum and a few dividend stocks they held up the portfolio, which was down .8% today. My short term portfolio actually went up a bit.
I’ll figure out the Discovery2017 hit tomorrow.

Down 2%. Mostly the techs: Amzn, apple, and shop. They have been riding pretty high. I’m keeping my eye on Monday and Tue. If we see a continued sell off then that correction everyone is expecting could be happening. I would like to buy some of my favorites on sale, so I’ll be keeping my eye open.


so how much loss did you incur today?

Quite the contrary, I made money today, up 0.9%, because my non-tech performed extremely well. When a sector goes up a lot, investors take profits and rotate to a new sector. Next week should tell the rest of the story.

Denny Schlesinger

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so how much loss did you incur today?

My 8 security portfolio was up +0.64% today and +8.39 YTD
Portfolio income is up 36.7% YTD
6 Gainers in my Portfolio ARCC(+0.14)-ETE(+0.24)-EVA(+0.65)-HASI(+0.08) MPLX (+0.37) -MIC(+0.03

2 Losers GAB (-$0.04) and UTF (-.01)



(B&W, how many growth stocks do you hold?
This is after all a growth stock board.)


Thought I’d whisper it before someone …

Down 2.4% - monster down day!

Ouch. 4.0%
& not 1 gainer in the lot.

AAPL	-3.9%
ALGN	-2.0%
CSX	-1.3%
CSX	-1.3%
FB	-3.3%
FB	-3.3%
GOOG	-3.4%
GOOG	-3.4%
MA	-1.4%
MELI	-4.5%
MU	-5.7%
PAYC	-5.0%
PYPL	-1.8%
SHOP	-7.5%
SWKS	-3.6%
VEEV	-5.1%