How Much Longer Can Russia Afford This War? .

As of Sunday, Russia has so far lost 21,800 soldiers in their ongoing invasion,

as well as 191 drones,

147 MLRSs,

69 air defense systems,

408 artillery pieces,

873 tanks,

154 helicopters,

179 aircraft,

2,238 armored vehicles,

eight ships,

76 fuel trucks

and 1,557 other vehicles, according to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Ukraine released video footage of what it said were Bayraktar TB-2 armed drones hitting the two Raptor-class patrol boats at 4.51 a.m. Monday near Snake Island, a Ukrainian island that Russian forces captured on the first day of the war on Feb. 24.

Both boats appeared to be hit, but it wasn’t clear whether they had sunk.

Ukraine’s military said in recent days that it carried out several airstrikes on the strategic island, located 22 miles off the Ukrainian coast southwest of Odessa, destroying the air-defense system and other heavy weapons of the Russian military unit that occupies it.

The two boats in the area, each capable of carrying 20 Marines in addition to three crew members, were likely to be carrying reinforcements and resupplies.…