Russian casualties in Ukraine

The Economist magazine has seen documents that suggest that there are up to 728,000 killed and wounded on the Russian side:

That would mean that between 462,000 and 728,000 Russian soldiers were out of action by mid-June—more than Russia’s estimated invading force in February 2022. (French and British officials estimate that around 500,000 Russians had been severely injured or killed by May.)

Add these to the one million who fled abroad and it must be taking its toll on the Russian economy.


When this war started, I proposed that Russia trade food and fuel to North Korea for arms and soldiers. The arms trade seems pretty well established. Don’t know about North Korean troops being deployed.

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We have added AI to the weapons on Ukraine’s side. This means fewer Ukrainians can defend a position and take out larger numbers of Russians.

It may mean Ukrainians not near the front can use drones to kill larger numbers of Russians behind their lines.

The Russian troops need to grow up and understand who their enemy is. Playing tin soldier is a line of crap.

Problem is, most of those Russian soldiers have families. What would Putin do to their family members, if the soldiers mutinied? What happened to the families of Wagner Group troopers?


It is not like I have an answer for that. It is not like I care.

There is a point where a dictator must be faced in the streets.

I do not know the math but Putin’s war machine supposedly won’t have the money or resources to go two more years.

Russia is desperately short of workers and is letting people from Africa in to fill posts from labourers to medical staff:

Unfortunately many of these Africans are being ‘persuaded’ to fight in Ukraine:


The Houthis are doing something similar. The younger men who would not fight in the Yemeni Civil War would sign up to fight against Israel. The Houthis sign them up to fight against Israel and then send them off to another Yemeni city to fight on the front line.

The dumb little 15 year old kids are butchered for the Houthi objectives.