How often you get discounts after scanning QR codes?

Hey all!

Just a broad query here: do you often scan the QR codes you see on physical ads, buses, etc., when walking around town? And if so - do they lead to a discount or to a currently “hot topic” within that retailer’s inventory?

I’m not asking about the YT QR codes that linger at the corner of the screen, those are self-explanatory anyway…


A. What is this “walking around town” thing? The correct way to get around town is to hop in your car and drive. Reading ads and scanning QR codes is frowned upon while driving. If I want to walk, I’ll hop in my car and drive the half mile to the $500 a month gym and then spend a hour on their treadmill.

  1. Why would I scan the QR code on an ad? I’m just going to get another ad. That gets me two ads when the right number of ads is zero.

III. With all of the data collection that goes on in the interwebs, I assume that scanning a QR code is inviting some advertiser to shove even more ads in my face while browsing the web.

Seriously, if I want a coupon, I’ll just do an internet search for one. If I’m interesting in buying something, I’ll do an internet search to learn about the subject.

One of they keys to LBYM is becoming immune to advertising. Advertising is designed to get you to buy things that you may not need. Until you learn to ignore advertising, it’s best to limit your exposure to advertising.



Your points are sound, kind sir!

As for the one about spending way too much on a gym membership just to walk on a treadmill since we all refuse to simply walk there and back… well, it hits dangerously close to home haha

I get the rest of your post, but I was more inquiring about whether scanning a QR code that’s prominently exposed on the exterior of a store leads to a discount (or something “special”), or always to something I could easily find online by myself?

In my (limited) experience it seldom does, though I mostly stick to scanning QR codes that I receive from a trusty domain whose products are familiar to me already. So, I was curious to hear from the other members whether they’ve got something cool to share on this subject, since I feel like QR codes are generally underutilized, for one reason or another…

Anyhow, thanks for your reply!


More seriously, the big problem I have with QR codes is that you have absolutely no idea what they are going to do. The only codes I will use are those where I have a lot of trust in the business. The most common one I use is probably in a restaurant to get the menu. While I was making some fun of the topic, I seriously have no desire to invite more advertising into my life.

Bottom line, QR codes are a solution looking for a problem. Character recognition is so good these days, I’d rather point my phone camera at a web address than a QR code. At least then I’d know the name of the web site I’m going to. I could also check out the web site separately without having to visit it with it’s completely unknown perils.



Imagine someone wants to get you to open a malicious web site. Create a QR code that points there. Get it printed up as small stickers. Now, take them out in the world and start sticking. Some people will get curious.

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I very seldom use them - too much trouble IMHO - and I never know who is really at the other end.


I agree with you on this. At least I did until I read that at least one of the companies selling/providing this service to restaurants also tracks who goes where and eats what and sells this info so they can target you with ads. So I’ve started asking for menus most of the time.



Just open the menu in a good browser set to incognito with no tracking.