Vacation savings

It used to be that getting the local grocery store’s savings card worked well but many stores no longer do them. My current experience was that signing up on the store’s website and/or downloading their app provides some savings. I just saved $5 on a $30 purchase along with $1 coupon that I added from the web site for something I knew I would buy.

As always, please ignore this post if it is not useful for you.


A useful tip I had to remind myself of:

One of our local groceries, Albertson’s, discontinued the card thing. Now, it’s simply your telephone number, given at checkout. I used to decline. Then I learned that ‘several’ items in the basket received generous discounts. And not just pennies. Like 15%, 20%, 25%.

It doesn’t appear that handing over that bit of personal information has created a flood of email spam or other undesirable result. So, we do it. YMMV.


At the time I signed up at Safeway, I had a dedicated fax line and used that phone number. Haven’t had the line for years now, but still enter that number when I’m making purchases. Others have my landline number and that’s also been closed but still works for the discounts.