How Putin's war in Ukraine will hit YOU ...

How Putin’s war in Ukraine will hit YOU in the pocket: American food costs set to rise as inflation continues to hammer American consumers

Russia’s war on Ukraine is continuing to have a ripple effect through the global economy, with food prices expected to soar next

Russia and Ukraine collectively account for 29% of global wheat exports

Ukraine is also one of the world’s top producers of corn, barley and various cooking oils

The U.S. gets most of its own wheat at home or imports it from Canada, meaning it could be spared from the harsh impact felt by other countries

Meanwhile, U.S. gas prices surged to an average of $4 on Sunday, the highest level since 2008

Experts say that the rising costs of energy will also drive up food prices globally…


In the US public sentiment on both sides of the aisle has swung to we can afford to pay the price.

I get it was political hay to say otherwise last week. The public sees this totally differently this week.

You are playing with something that most Americans see as something that we want to and must support. It wont get you anywhere.

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