Russia Sanction Cost to World Economy…
Zeihan goes into products & raw Material Russia provides. Besides oil & natural gas; Russia is largest producer of fertilizer & large wheat supplier. He says ending those imports will triple the price of wheat & rise the cost of fertilizer 6 times. So look for big increase at the grocery store check out.…
Vilsack: Russian Invasion Likely To Drive Up Fertilizer Costs For U.S. Farmers

The Russian invasion of Ukraine this week is likely to drive up the costs of farm fertilizers — which nearly quadrupled last year in price and remain high — and presents an opportunity for unscrupulous companies to artificially inflate those prices further, according to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

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Local news was screaming “cars need catalytic converters, catalytic converters need palladium. Palladium comes from Russia. The sanctions will make your car cost more!!”

…the rope sellers heard from again.


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