How to reduce shoplifting--Best Buy


I never thought about it but Best Buy has a desk between the doors where you come in and go out. In order to get out of the store you have to go by the desk and somebody is always there to check your purchases. Much like Costco does. That is a great way to keep down theft in store.



Walmart and Meijer have “greeters” too. The Walmart “greeters” are sticklers for checking receipts on the way out. I see a lot of people on FB complaining about both having to check their own stuff out, then be rousted by the “greeters”, with particular vitriol for the “greeters” asking to see the receipt. I always reply “don’t give the greeter a hard time. he’s just doing what he is told to do, to try and earn a living.”



Are receipts automatically given in the US? Either at self checkout or regular register, receipts are not printed unless you select “Yes” or request one. They don’t want to waste the paper unless the customer insists on the receipt. Same for the Credit card part. My phone automatically gets an SMS on every charge so I don’t take the receipt

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@jdc115 - a few locations in the US make a printed receipt optional - DollarTree and gas stations come to mind.
I think receipts make returns easier - though one could reasonably argue a scanned receipt of the item could serve the same function.

No receipt makes it easy to not report the sale. They claim it was stolen and pocket the funds avoiding taxes on the sale (and income).

And if you pay cash, employee can pocket the cash.

Same old same old. Cash registers are there for a reason.


The majority of store “shrinkage” (theift) is employees.

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Returns are not normal, usually only take a receipt for items that have warranty like electronics. In which case the store will take exchange defective products in the first 7 days, after that you deal with the manufacturer directly.

Otherwise, I think the habit of given a receipt went away like 10 years ago and I would think most registers have a camera on them. The other difference is that just about any crime will be charged so more on the line.

TusconBones, do you have statistics to support that the majority of “shrinkage” is due to employees? As far as I can tell it is less than 1/3

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Time of year seasonal help has been brought in. This is free or paid-for publicity for BBY. It does not mean the chain did anything new. Retailers are always working with their employees to cut shrinkage.

Gas stations and ATMs. Beside saving paper, it reduces litter. When I was in college, in the 70s, there was an ATM in the student union building. There was always a flock of ATM receipts laying on the floor around the machine. Now, ATMs ask if you want a receipt.

I’m one of the sort who checks off every line on my bank and CC statements. One of the Wendy’s in my area irritates the heck out of me. They have touch screen kiosks for ordering, so don’t man the front counter. The kiosks only take credit cards, but the receipt printer has not worked since the kiosks were installed last summer, and they have zero interest in getting it working. I was in a Mickey D’s last summer, that had a sign up at the counter “kiosk only”, and the receipt printer on their kiosk didn’t work either. I need to go in to those places with a pencil and notepad to write down what the total was, so I can check it off of my CC statement.

Big items, like Best Buy carries, the receipt is often needed for warranty and return processing, I picked up a new TV at Best Buy last August. The TV is supposed to have a 12 month warranty. When I registered it at the manufacturer’s web site, the web site defaulted to a warranty expiration date of December 31, 2023. I had to e-mail a scan of the receipt to the company to get them to correct the warranty date. The company requires the original receipt to be presented for warranty service.



Also, Best Buy usually has a large gap of empty space (maybe some advertising kiosks, hpone kiosks, etc, but no piles of products) between the sections of the store with products on the shelf and the door. Again, much like Costco.

Best Buy does not have a self-checkout. Many of them now wish they did not have a self-checkout. Costco supervisor told me last week people are walking with stuff in self-checkout.

Personally, I find self checkout a bit of a pain in grocery stores. Scanning doesn’t always work, especially frozen items or you have to get some things weighed or wait for somebody to approve an alcohol purchase. I use it for a small number of items but rather go to a regular register if I have a cart full.

Uniqlo as well as Decathalon have easy to use systems as they are RFID based and you just have to place all the items into a basket.

Also a big difference is the tolerance for crime. From what I see in the US, there is no way the police would follow up and arrest those that commit a crime. Courts impose the crime but do not issue a ruling on the ability to stay in the country… they will lose what ever type of visa they are on and be deported afterwards.

RFID was on the market’s radar before 1999.

It makes little economic sense. I doubt the tech makes much sense either.

One problem is what do you do if you catch someone walking out? Nothing. Separate problem if RFID even was ready for prime time. If professional thieves find a way to steal regardless…The entire exercise backfires. A small piece of tinfoil over the chip, no radio waves?

You have captured them on video, likely they can be identified and found. I get that the employees probably shouldn’t stop and detain anybody stealing but if they can be identifies, then they probably should face charges but it just won’t happen.

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