How to take someone out of P-box?

When the boards morphed to this new format, one of the things that did transfer was a record of who I P-boxed. It’s quickly becoming time to let them out, a policy I do to make sure they still deserve to be there, and were not simply being a jerk for a limited amount of time. How the heck do I take someone out of the P-box?



Hi @inparadise,

Just go to your profile page, Preferences, Users. Click the “X” in the appropriate persons box and the person is out of your penalty box.

Does that help you?

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Unfortunately not, as there are no people in there as P-boxed. I had figured that would be the place to go, but nothing there to modify, even though the new system routinely tells me these people are still ignored.

Ooops. Never mind. I skipped the Users step. That worked. Thanks!

I really appreciate everyone’s help towards acclimating myself to the new boards, but am really struggling feeling part of this new format. Happily there is a “new” option, that has the feeling of the old boards. Best of all, some of the posters who did not make the transition here, like Mungofitch, are on that board:

The first time I went there it was like being home again. Put your ruby slippers on, click your mouse on the link, and check it out. Home has been remodeled, rather than moved.



I was about to tell you to check the User list in notifications but it looks like (thanks to be being able to edit posts) that you found it.