OT: How to Ignore People

This came in very hand recently. If you want to ignore a poster, click the frowny face next to their name in a thread. There’s a happy face which adds them to your favoritea and a frowny face that ignores them.

I’ve been on these boards for years and just figured out how to ignore people… back to reading quality posts.


I’m pretty sure there is actually one more step (well, it will take several clicks)if you truly never want to see someone’s posts/activity - you need to turn your “Penalty Box” on.

From “My Fool”


go to “My Settings” (Drop down from the “Hi ” located at the top)


then under “Discussion Boards” click on “Display Preferences”

then click “Favorite/Ignored Fools” in the “edit” box on the left side.

The Fool who you frowny-faced should be in the “your ignored fools” box on the right -

on the bottom right, you will see “Penalty Box is OFF

You need to click that and turn it on.