Huawei new Tesla competitor, 800v battery--15 min charge for 400 miles

If the battery can recharge 400 miles in 15 min (at 800v), then range anxiety is pretty much a non-issue for most people.


400 km. Not miles. That is 249 miles.


I love Tesla Killers. So far they have all been DOA. :skull:

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Whether it is 400 miles in 15 min or 249 miles in 15 min it doesn’t really matter much. On long roads trips most people and families will want to stop for 15 minutes every 3 hours or so. And that is about 180 miles (60 mph) to 225 miles (75 mph). So building cars and batteries that can charge faster than this is not that big of a deal unless you are also going to build a large charging network with thousands of chargers that support this.
Having one charger in your city that supports this won’t make a thoughtful person buy this car…you’ll usually charge slowly at home.



800 volt batteries charge faster than 400 volt ones

If you’re looking at 400V vs 800V charging, the latter is the clear winner, since it essentially halves charging time.

There are other benefits, too: the higher voltage creates a lower current, which reduces heat - always a good thing when it comes to EV batteries, as battery cooling systems can suck up power. Lower current also means charging cables can be thinner and less cumbersome, and certain electrical components in the car can also be thinner and smaller, making the car more lightweight and efficient.'re%20looking%20at,systems%20can%20suck%20up%20power.

but… how many EV brands are using 800 volt architecture?

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And … how many DC charging stations support 800V charging? Apparently about 2% of them or 1000 across Europe and the USA.,all%20available%20DC%20charging%20stations.

Today there are approximately 1000 charging stations in Europe and the USA that offer 800V charging, which accounts for only about 2% of all available DC charging stations.

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