HubSpot path to profitability…

…but HubSpot (HUBS) appears to have put its missteps in the rearview mirror as the stock looks to form a new base.

HubSpot’s software-as-a-service helps businesses generate leads and convert sales through the use of search-engine optimization and social media posts.

In the latest quarter, the company earned 3 cents a share vs. a year-ago loss of 11 cents. It was its first quarterly profit since HubSpot went public back in October 2014. While the company is expected to lose 8 cents a share this year, analysts forecast the first full year of profitability to be in 2018, when it earns 20 cents per share.

There is a little chart chat in the article if that is your thing. It is 4 weeks into a flat base, which must be at least 5 weeks to count. $74.90 would be the breakout buy point on volume (if that is you thing)


Here is some OT rankings…

A little bit week, want all to be pass

Checklist        Rating
Composite Rating 81 Neutral
EPS Rating       42 Fail
RS Rating         A- Pass
SMR Rating       D Fail
Acc/Dis Rating   B Pass

HUBS is ranked 6th in its group. TEAM (atlassian) is #1 in the group. the group is 38 out 197.
RP is #2
VMW #3 in the group.