Huge Farmers' Protest Brings Brussels to a Crawl


I wish them luck.

They’re fighting bureaucracy combined with the climate fear juggernaut.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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Not too surprising. Certainly in France, farmers or steel workers or whoever are willing to take to the streets to protest govt regs etc.

Reteurs says rules in Netherlands to limit nitrogen oxide emissions will limit number of livestock. Belgium rules will in addition limit use of nitrogen fertilizer.

I think France is mostly upset over plans to raise retirement age.

Nothing like politics to make life interesting. How do you get all these fine folks to go back to work?

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I toured Europe on my new Norton 750 Commando after I got out overseas from the US Army in 1974.

Belgium was one country I breezed through, not really much of a deep music scene there so I followed circuits to other big cities where the clubs would go on til sunrise.

There was this legal bordello in Frankfurt, “Crazy Sexy’s” which was near the Hauptbanhoff. I was dating this sex-worker from Crazy Sexy’s. She and I took a little detour on my bike to Scotland, and she paid for the entire trip. Bobsie. That was her name. Had to take the ferry over. Got wasted on Jupiter 5 Beer (from Belgium I believe). Had to walk the bike, wobbly kneed, off the ferry. We rented a room at a youth hostel in Englan, woke up next day, then drove North and tore through Scotland to see some old friends (and two ex-girlfriends) there.

Bobsie married a Frankfurt banker type long after I left Germany. We lost touch as I climbed the DJ/promoter ranks in Richmond during the late 70s and early 80s. She would have made a wonderful addition to say a Billy Idol music video. She was hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hell.

European women were way more “in the moment” when it came to adventure. But my Canadian wife is made from the same stuff. Beautiful gal, my wife, soon to hit 60. Freaking Canadianisms keep me sharp. And Nick Cat9 rules us both.

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