Populism Comes to the Netherlands-Goobers Say No to Climate Warming Agenda

Dutch farmers organized to say no to their betters.

The Dutch government is offering to buy out up to 3,000 “peak polluter” farms and major industrial polluters in an attempt to reduce ammonia and nitrogen oxide emissions that are illegal under EU law.

A new populist party surfing a wave of rural anger at government environmental policies has emerged as the big winner in Dutch provincial elections, dealing a heavy blow to the four-party coalition of the prime minister, Mark Rutte.

the agricultural industry.


Do ‘their betters’ feed the world or just create hot air and politics?

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Such an attitude is not helpful in keeping bought politicians in office. Social media will be brought to bear to stop/ban such utterances from being viewed. Such utterances & those who make must be cancelled!

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Climate bills in the Oregon legislature are being criticized for potential devastation of rural communities and could possibly fuel further inflation.

One of the bills titled House Bill 3158, the “Clean Diesel Engine Tax” would add new taxes to off-road machinery, such as that used in farming and logging.

The Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) came out against this bill, pointing out that it would tax virtually every piece of equipment that’s used in agriculture, plus the fuel and tires that are also necessary for its use.