Huge success: Free school breakfast and lunch for all kids in school


To get a bit picky, the reason for the free-to-the-students meals is to improve school performance. The editorial was remarkably lacking in that kind of information. It would be nice to have that kind of info before declaring the program a “huge success.”


I agree that the linked article could have better demonstrated the benefits. It seems more like a political talking point against GOP douchers, rather than a clear explanation of the outcomes.

Here you go - studies are cited.

I’d add that providing free breakfast and lunch to all students eliminates the stigma that free and reduced lunch students might face.

Here’s another -

Seems pretty intuitive, when kids aren’t hungry, they do better in school.

It seems that way because that is exactly what it is.

It is not a news article. It is an editorial written by a politician and needs to be read as such.

One of the problems with newspapers going to online formats is that the opinion pages are no longer found together in their known spot. They look just like any other article on the paper’s web site. That makes it far too easy to mistake opinion or editorial with actual news.