I bought stocks from Motley Fool Recommendations during COVID. I now have lost over 10k dollars. Mainly Tech stocks rec during the time. Any suggestions?

LMND, NET, DOCN, ETC… Tech stocks have plummeted. Where do I go from here? Do I sell most of the stocks? I’ve waited years to see if anything happens; not much at all. What do I do with my money? Amazon is one of the only stocks doing well. I’m negative -$8,900.00 dollars. Help? Novice

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I can’t advise as the only stock you mention i own is Amazon. Quality company. Doing ok. Good one to hold long term.

I see no reason to hold losers unless you think they are likely to recover soon. Why did you buy them? Do they still have good prospects?

I am heavy in Nvidia. It is down quite a bit from its high. Reports earning late in May. Still a well managed industry leader.

GE now aerospace just reported good earnings. I think they have excellent potential. Of my recent picks, Uber looks like a winner. Chipotle seems to be a steady performer. I like auto parts companies. Autozone. O’Reilly seem to be best. See Caps for others i have.

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Here is the ironfast rule of investing in individual stocks: You must understand why you own them and why they are a good investment.

The reason for this is to avoid what you are experiencing right now. Stocks prices can go down, and the underlying company can still be a good investment. Converse is true too.

But it sounds like you’re not sure if these companies are good investments or not. Which means you should sell.

In my strong opinion, most individual investors are best served by buying and holding low cost index funds like VTSAX. Good luck.

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Knowing why you own a stock is a good ironfast rule, and the reason should never be because someone else suggested it. Reasons to buy any stock are easy to write, but can be misleading if red flags are missed. Newsletters might be the start of finding a stock to invest in (idea generation), but should never be the last step. Buy SPY to get the guaranteed average investor return (dollar averaged, profitable companies).

The best reason to buy a stock is if you have excellent personal experience with the company (Lynch’s rule). Also, finding some metric that reveals how the company is doing is often important. Investing based on stories is dangerous. An exciting story is a red flag.

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I bought them because Motley Fool recommended them. I thought 5 years like they preach but my 5 years was not good.

Thank you for replying.

As a novice I paid $200 for advice. I took that advice. It failed. So I’m assuming what you’re saying is I need to do my own research; I get that. However, when someone is advertising how they have the next big thing, as a novice, especially when you pay them, you try to take their lead. I don’t know how to follow stocks or have the time, thus, why I bought in the Stock Adviser. As you see, the name itself is “Advising” these stocks. My bad I guess for relying on someone else. Thanks for the input.

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I agree. The boast of paying for Stock Advisor is that you can buy, say, a portfolio basket of 20-25 of their recommendations in equal dollar amounts, ignore them for 5+ years, and still walk away with an overall gain that beats the market as a whole. The point is supposed to be that even if 20% of those pics turn out to be money losers, overall, they will be more than offset by the 80% of winners, some of which will hopefully be BIG winners. The other edict is that you’re also supposed to sell a stock if Stock Advisor recommends that.

Yeah, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. The Pandemic gained me 10K from tech stocks. I should have pulled out after the Pandemic to make the money but I tried the five year thing. It failed. I guess I’ll get a Mutual Fund and relax.

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Thanks for the advise.