I’d like cancel...

I’d like cancel my subscription to 2022, TMF is ok…
I’ve experienced the 7 day trial and am not interested.



“I’d like cancel my subscription to 2022”

This would not improve TMF.

Also, may not really help - time is relative and interest rates would need to be boosted if you
started calling 2022 any other year of your choice - so perhaps t’would be best to just grin and
carry on through 2022?

However, should you insist on changing your perception of time. do please let everyone knoow how
things go for you.
The future is bound to be full of interesting insights and disappointments.

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Hi, PoodleLover.

I hope you were able to get your subscription canceled to whatever service to which you were subscribed.

I’ll just note after the fact that you cannot unsubscribe from the discussion boards. You need to contact Member Services at support@fool.com or call the toll free number during regular work hours.

Who notes, off hand, that you cannot just opt out of 2022; it’s going to happen whether you want it or not, and just because 2020 and 2021 sucked, that doesn’t mean 2022 isn’t going to be better…

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I hope you were able to get your subscription canceled to whatever service to which you were subscribed.

Regretfully the year went on... with me kicking and screaming!

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