I Feel Bad

(bad-ly…actually, in Wanker) that I am not going to give Business Insider the dollar they ask for and probably deserve.

Elite investors on Wall Street say privately that the market is about to undergo a cataclysmic shift

Business Insider has an article which says “We’ve reached peak stupid,” but the article is behind a pay-wall. I wanted to read it but I can’t go subscribing to things just to read a single article. So I looked for another way in. If you google the phrase in bold at the beginning of this post, you’ll find a link to “latestbreakingnewsvideo.com” which is a site from I don’t know where, but it reads like it was translated out and back…referring to Wall Street as “Wall Road” and, well, lots of other funny stuff (no video though, thankfully). The translation is also missing a good number of the actual words, but you’ll get the idea.

I hope that you all are subscribers to Business Insider and can read the article in its native form, but if not…read and enjoy this fabulous pirated version. It’s quite the article in either format!