I hope generative AI has run up against a force of nature

Gifted WaPo article: https://wapo.st/499M4uh

Taylor Swift’s online army descended onto X to fight against fake [unclothed] images of the global pop star, the latest in the avalanche of deepfake [c]orn buoyed by advances in generative artificial intelligence.

The images, probably created by AI, spread rapidly across X and other social media platforms this week, with one image amassing over 45 million views. When X said they were working to take down the images, Swift’s fan base took matters into their own hands, flooding the site with real images of the pop star along with the phrase “Protect Taylor Swift” to drown out the explicit content.

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AI is sucking up so much electricity that new data centers are being postoned until more electrical power is built.

Meta is spending $800 million on a data facility in Jeffersonville, IN. It is across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY. This 619 acre (That is just short of one square mile.) facility will empty 1,200 workers during construction. Once it is up and running, only 100 people will be employed. I have not been able to find details on what Indiana is paying for 100 permanent jobs.

So the best of high school term papers will be with us for decades to come.

It really is not plagiarism. Really?

You might want to look at how many jobs are created that don’t just work in the data center but go in and out of the data center every day. I am sure all the companies that have racks in the data center employ many more people.


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640 acres 1 sq mile.

And it was all over the evening network “news”.

The Taylor Swift publicity machine never rests.


Right, just 21 acres short. ≈97% of a square mile.