I’m debt free agin! 💚

Hey all!

It’s been ages since I posted anything, though I do still lurk fairly often. But I have something to celebrate this week.

I paid off allllll my debt again. Woohoo!

I first got completely debt free - including my mortgage - back in 2010 - and stayed that way for a long time. In 2019, I went back I to debt by way of 1) a car purchase that came an out 18-24 months earlier than expected and 2) two other significant expenses that I had 0% interest available for. One of these was 0% for five years and the other was for 12 months.

I ended up deciding to finance these things and let the payments ride - with a strategic balance transfer or two in there - because in a similar timeframe, I elected to leave a six-figure corporate job to strike out on my own in business full time. It was more important to me to have capital available than to not be in debt at that time.

Fast forward to this week…

I closed on the sale of some real estate I inherited years ago from my dad. It’s not “Diana can retire now” money, but it is a big enough sum that I’ve got some options to think thru.

The option that required zero thought, however, was getting back out of personal debt. That was a no brainer!

The amount wasn’t terrible, but the weight of servicing the debt wasn’t fun for me, so I’m glad it’s gone. Now I’m spending some quality time with my accountant and financial advisor to discuss moves that will carry me forward in a strong position.

Anyone else pay off any debts lately?


The opposite, actually, although it is a mortgage so maybe that doesn’t count. We’ve been debt-free for something like 15 years or so. But, we bought a new place with a 15 year mortgage in July, before we could get the old place sold. We’re closing on the sale of the old place next month, but have decided to invest the proceeds in stocks rather than pay off the new mortgage. We reserve the option to chunk some money into paying down the mortgage from time to time, depending on circumstances. Maybe we pay it off in 5 rather than 15 years.

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