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Is there anyone following this board? I thought I’d put a ping out.

I’m here, but I don’t have much to say. I have three credit cards, all paid off in full monthly. I don’t remember ever paying a late fee or interest on any card.

The only interesting thing that ever happened was when I logged on to my bank and saw a charge card I never asked for. I instantly canceled it. Shortly thereafter I received a notice from the post office about a change of address that I hadn’t filed, which I also put a stop to. And of course not long after that the new card (already canceled) arrived in the mail. Yes, I “locked” m credit after that.

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Well, I’ll post to try to keep things active. Last month DW & I ate out with another couple. Separate checks. We each paid by credit card. The other couple’s charge had no issues. (I asked, later.) Ours was charged twice, once that evening and again a week later, for the same amount. I just happened to notice this when I checked online. I called the restaurant (a private club) 3 times about it and was told they’d fix it right away. They didn’t. So I finally called Chase. Took some doing to make it through the recordings and reach a real person, but Chase took care of it.
PS: I tried at the Chase website to report the issue, but the automated process there also kept sending me in circles.
Moral of the story: check your accounts, try to get the merchant to fix it, but then contact the card issuer.



ThyPeace, Thanks @Borgney ! (Oooo, I can tag people…)

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I got burned twice using a gas credit card. This was the result of some low-life installing a skimmer device inside the gasoline pump. A call to the company resulted in the account being cancelled and a new card being issued. The charges were also removed from my account.

It’s a real pain but I no longer use my credit card at the pump but rather go into the store and ask the cashier to turn on the pump. I fill up and then pay at the counter with my gas credit card. Isn’t life wonderful?

We ate out for DH’s birthday in the spring. The next week, there were suddenly charges for food we had neither ordered nor eaten. By the time I caught it, I believe there were something like 6 or 7 orders for delivery food, all ordered at places in our general vicinity. I called the credit card folks at Fidelity, they canceled the card and reversed the charges. They had new cards to us within two business days (I talked to them on Saturday, the cards arrived on either Monday or Tuesday). All in all, Fidelity made it as simple to clean up as I could have hoped for.

ThyPeace, I did wonder why the bill took so long to come back to us that night. Ah well.