I recommend this twitter fred


This person posts in German. He is almost universally despised. Probably because he posts things that are true. I have seen some pro- Russian bias, mostly in his replies to others tweets, but for the most part his threads are just the facts.

While he has no economic information, and I have not found an economic source that is not politically charged, I have found his tactical military reports to be truthful without a lot of emotional commentary. This does not mean I vouch for their accuracy. His political commentary tends to be global and gives the political back ground that is in place.

I may be getting tunnel vision, but I am finding myself limiting my Ukraine war information to his threads. When I compare his reports to the “news” the news even what I consider to be good and somewhat thoughtful sources seem like Chinese food. You consume it, then 10
minutes later you need to consume something else because there just wasn’t anything there.