IBD headline: Tesla Stock Vs. BYD Stock: TSLA Stock Split OK’d; China EV Giant Setting Up As Sales Boom


On Aug. 3, BYD reported record July sales of 162,350 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, up 222% vs. a year earlier and 21% from June’s 134,036. BYD’s sales include 162,214 passenger vehicles. Of those, BYD sold 80,991 passenger EVs and 81,223 plug-in hybrids.


Tesla recently began Model Y deliveries from its plants near Berlin, Germany, and Austin, Texas. But production has been unusually low to start.

Ongoing capacity increases to the Tesla Shanghai facility, also will boost production going forward. The Model Y production upgrades have reportedly ended with the Model 3 line now paused for improvements. In the short run, this likely limited Tesla Shanghai’s production. The China Passenger Car Association estimated that Tesla China’s wholesale sales, including exports, fell to just 30,000 in July.


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In the first half of the year, BYD sold 641,350 NEVs, already beating 2021’s full-year total of 593,745. The auto giant plans to sell at least 1.5 million new energy vehicles in 2022, or up to 2 million if supply issues ease.

Tesla, targeting the luxury and affordable luxury markets, has far higher selling prices than BYD.

BYD’s average selling prices are much lower, with the majority of its EVs and hybrids selling for $15,000-$34,000, though some vehicles top $40,000.

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