IBM competing with NTNX

I want to see the next ER for NTNX and look at the numbers, as well as monitor the next couple reports. IBM is no joke but I believe NTNX already has good relationships with customers so I’m cautiously optimistic it won’t negatively impact them that much. We might expect sales expense to increase. THOUGHTS?…


Irrelevant, imo.

This isn’t an HCI/hyper-converged solution…it competes against the Calm multi-cloud mgmt solution.

HPE has OneSphere.
Cisco has Cloud Center.
VMware has VMWare Cloud Foundation.

These bump up against Redhat:…

Oh…and Microsoft Azurestack:…

The idea here is, a company is using 1 or more public cloud and possibly on-prem “private cloud”. That is where multi-cloud comes from. Lot’s of different tools and complexity to manage all that.

So all the above are leveraging their client base’s familiarity with working and living daily in their vendor systems of choice and looking to sell those clients on their “multi-cloud mgmt solution”.

There will be no one winner. Of all the above, IBM has the weakest install base and leverage with existing clients, imo.



More proof what Nutanix does is very valuable, increased chance of acquisition.