IBM Showing signs of life

I have been accumulating IBM when it dipped below $120 for several years. It was a low conviction low expectations buy with high safett. The dividends have been juicy 5%. The stock is finally showing signs of life.


Yeap! I am looking into it and have couple of puts sold. This is one of the stocks I am looking to buy in any market dip.

And what is IBM’s plan for AI participation?

Will they be a player? A leader? Or an also ran?

That is the big question. They seem to be absent from what I can tell.

Another caveat. I have a friend here in Austin who works on POWER. IBM is moving all that development to India. Let’s also not forget them moving to a pension plan, which is going to hurt retention and recruiting.

Personally, I see nothing in IBM to invest in.

[edit] Realized few probably know what POWER is. It is their high-end CPU. Server class for mini computers and mainframes. It is a competitor to the highest level x86 entries (and better than them, though more expensive and proprietary). The younger cousin, PowerPC, was used in Apple Mac’s back before they shifted to x86. I used to work on PowerPC and have a fondness for that architecture.


IBM will “use” AI to optimize IT solution delivery to its customers, optimize code and reduce headcount. IBM has shifted from being a competitor to MSFT, GOOG and AMZN to become a partner.

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It sounds like the sort of partnership that saves face rather than using the more obvious term of customer.


IBM had good results. $188 now.

Looking good

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Remind us, in the past ten years which other major holdings did he give on besides ibm and wfc?? How did they compound since the year of sale? Thanks.