Ideas for Twitter coin

This is over my head but thought some in the community would enjoy reading.

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**It took $44 billion to acquire Twitter the company, but that was only step one. Elon now needs to acquire Twitter's users. And that's going to require massive amounts of political capital, not just financial capital.**

**Where's he going to get it? Twitter today is just a collection of quarreling accounts. Users aren't aligned around anything except the desire for more followers. Some are for free speech, some are against it, and many just don't care.**

**The promise of a coin changes all that.**

**Suddenly, every user has a rooting interest for the Elondrop. A decentralized Twitter could easily be as valuable as Ethereum's $350B. Divided by 217M Twitter users, a Twittercoin could be more than $1500 per person.**

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and we all know Jack Dorsey is big believer in bitcoin and Twitter already has hooks in it for payment transfer via bitcoin network.