If you still need more Christmas music,

how about Darlene Love “Christmas (Baby … )” Collection on Letterman, 1986-2014


I lucked out last year. Didn’t hear the rumpypum thing even once. Heard it three times this year. GAH!

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My default is a Smooth Jazz Christmas channel on Pandora.

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Here’s my default. I’ll get a selection of mediaeval through more recognisable actual Christmas “carols” with these…and liberal use of the :-1:when the selection starts to stray from what I like.

At our Rotary meeting last Tuesday we had a combo of minstrels…other members with guitars, mouthorgan, tambourine and good voices…treating us to a selection of Christmas muzak. Frosty the Snowman, Winter Wonderland, the Rumpy pom pom song etc…the stuff that might put a pep in yer step at the mall or supermarket but hardly the stuff of tradition. Someone on my table asked if we sang these “carols” in England. I replied that they’re heard on the radio but for traditional Christmas listening, probably wouldn’t be that popular…but added that bad habits tend to be contagious so these days who knows? I sent her this photo along with a FB site that has an explanation of all thing Christmassy with selection of misic.