I'll Call The 3 Big Car Dealers In Key West And See if Inventory of EVS Has Increased Since This Past Monday

All EVs sold out when we cruised the lots this past Monday. I’m calling my friend who is a big shot at one of bigs. They were putting up new signage yesterday, and today, we’ll see if those signs are promoting their new EVs. Not talking banners here, we’re talking signage.


Welp, that shoots this idea in the head. Just called in to “consult” with my Chemo Man and have an anti-septic shot. It seems my being in this drug trial is creating quite the stir in Key West, Clevelang Clinic, and Kings College.
And they won’t tell me how many of us are going this harshest route.

Meanwhile, up the road at Cleveland Clinic, I am no eligible for the newest cutting edge stuff: more A/I and something called Precision Radiology. From what I take, this machine, if it misfires, can burn parts not needing eradicating. So they lay this thing which looks like a cloth made from a fine grid of wires. You go into this machine (I think they said for 2 hours?) while you can’t move (need to ask if they will knock me out if I were to do it) and the machine goes over every square millimeter of my body, erecting a 3-D map… (maybe one of our doctors on Fool can explain this stuff better?) Anyway, that’s my last resort if needed.

However, I’m showing incredible progress in four weeks. I’m the rock star at the clinic and even my doctor who is extremely progressive and always caught up on new analysis and treatments keeps shaking his head at my new symptoms.

One thing they have to iron out is chemo-rage when the worst pain sets in. I guess I was momentarily like those guys who take Steroids and who snap. But I will say, tossing furniture off the porch was a good release to help me reel in the stress of all this. Nothing broke, but scared my new son badly. Sorry about that, Nick.

Gone, shot, consult, blood test, the usual.

If I feel well enough after this round today, I’ll drive through that one lot with new signage.


Just got back from Chemo land. Left voice mail for my friend. Call one dealer in your area, see if inventory for EVs is low or high.

Just got off the phone with the Toyota/Ford dealer. All EVs at the moment are sold. New inventory in a week or so but one or the other had a recent fleet deal and that’s sucking away inventory.

They had three hybrids remaining:

2 Prius
1 Camry

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Hmmmm. This might be why there are no $Ford EVs"to be found" and “you should check ordering online.”

**I wish I could have seen his face as he told me this. He has to be grimacing. Farley had better nail this down with dealers, the sales rep is signaling he is not happy with the way Lightnings and Mach Es are being ordered. And when the F-150 gets here, ooooh, Farley just can’t possibly think he can only seel them online only? I sniff a rebellion brewing at $F dealerships. **

One of the first things that might catch investors’ eyes regarding the F-150 Lightning is its victory with MotorTrend judges.

The new F-150 Lightning electric pickup hauled the 2023 MotorTrend Truck of the Year award into its trophy collection, and it was the first electric truck to win by a unanimous vote from judges. It also marked only the second time an electric vehicle has unanimously won in a MotorTrend “Of The Year” vote.

“The F-150 Lightning’s instantaneous torque and standout ride and handling make it without a doubt the best truck Ford has ever made…” said MotorTrend Group Head of Editorial Ed Loh. “The Ford F-150 Lightning is no less than a milestone achievement in the history of American mobility.”

A few key points regarding the Ford Lightning:

  • Huge increases in sales and share look great… until you look at the actual numbers, which are still pretty small by any automotive standard (15,617 in 2022 in US per Ford).

  • Conquest sales aside, every Lightning sold is a double whammy for the Ford bean counters. There is a loss on each Lightning and it cannibalizes one very profitable Ford ICE truck.

  • Not completely related to the subject, Ford always touts how the F-series is the #1 selling truck in the US for… now 41 years. Somehow, they don’t mention that F-series has been in a protracted sales decline (US only shown):

2018 >> 909.330
2019 >> 896,526
2020 >> 787,372
2021 >> 726,003
2022 >> 653,957

I very much doubt this four year decline is ALL due to “supply chain issues” and “COVID”, although certainly those have played a major part. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens in 2023/4/5. Does Ford pull out of the skid? Only the Shadow knows…

Disclosure: I worked for Ford for 27 years, mostly in Product Development and have been very negative for years regarding the company’s future. Like I say above, I could be wrong.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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The $GM dealer where a friend of mine called me back Friday is under extensive renovation for the EV revolution. Even a new building with bays only for EVs.

Looks like Mary Berra is outfoxing the guys here. This dealership is way ahead of our Ford/Toyota and Hyundai Dealers as to new signage, bays, training, for the EV Tsunami about to hit the Keys.