$F Ford Says the F-150 Lightning Was No. 1 Electric Truck in December

Farley had better pay attention to Berra at $GM. She’s gunning for him and Tesla with the new batteries they will start manufacturing and installing in Hummers (first) and then downline to the Silverado, sedans, vans, etc.


Hey, Peregrine. Welcome back. Hope you are feeling better. Be well!!

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Thanks, Paul. I got some good news from my Chemo Man yesterday: I am a member of the 5% who will be allowed to take a new chemo/chemo radiation regimen at higher dosages and more drugs (my first pump was filled with 100 mg of two drugs - the names of which I wrote down but don’t know where my notebook is at this moment. Next week or the one after, they fill a new pump I take home with 3 drugs, one of which is storming through only the physically strongest people who were active non-smokers, non-drinker, non-diabetic - the big three.

Clear I am a very lucky man that I enjoy outdoor work, hard labor. That, my cat, my wife, give me the edge over all other cancer patients I have met.

I’ve met men and women in their 30s and 40s down at the Chemo Cafe who look 30 years older already. My heart goes out to anyone with cancer who is in deeper pain than what I felt before chemo and who has no one there to advocate for them and take notes. Our healthcare system in this country is a mess, an absolute racket, but by spending so much time at these clinics, hospitals, etc., I’m now first-hand observing things which I never gave though to and which frighten me for this country if we don’t straighten out things.

Start looking for investment opportunties in Genesis Oncology chain type practices, patient advocacy (if there is such a thing), drugs that are cheap (GoodRX cards at the admission rooms of the local hospital) etc. Meanwhile, my wife must think she is Job 2.0. I’m cranky. I hate myself for getting short with her. But she knows that is not me. She was here for that epic 16=hour battle of blood, sweat, tears (and a whole lot more.) My giant kidney stone which I always assigned a 10, why, we blasted to 11 and ripped the damn knob off.

Almost extinct there, or so I felt.

Anyway, here comes the nausea, so, gone.


I wish it were possible to take some of your pain upon myself. Not a HUGE amount ;), but some, to take some of the edge off. Can’t though.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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@PeregrineTrader - Sending good vibes your way. '38Packard

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I just woke from an 8-hour sleep. First time in over a year. I am going out before the heat and humidity sets in.

I will tell you about this new wonder drug (new to me, maybe not to you folks) which stopped chemo diarrhea cold.

I will begin looking at all drugs give men and reporting them in another thread. But especially my actually chemo drugs which go into this pump we attach to the port in my chest.

Steady as I go, I feel great.

Rock is back, and now Nick Cat9 and I are going out into the jungle. We saw a huge rattlesnake yesterday and I had to pull Nick back from that monster. Snakes run from me with the lawn mower and all my tools buzzing. Nick will learn. He’s turning into a tiger out here. Imagine, a cat, born and taken directly to the SPCA where he lived his whole life, never once going outdoors.

You free that cat out here with me and the wildlife and former indoor cat comes alive, smells grass, listens to birds, touches noses with deer. What a transformation for my boy! MonsterCat!

All right, one Vertigo pill down, and I’m out into the yard with an Igloo water cooler.

Put me in, Coach.